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As social media and online marketing become more prevalent, we are starting to see some really interesting and creative marketing ideas. Here, I’m going to share with you just a few examples of ad campaigns and apps from the past couple years that really caught my attention.

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Meet the 25 Most Creative People in Advertising

04 10th, 2013 Author: Publisher

Recently, Business Insider asked the major ad agencies—and the more significant boutiques—to name the execs they felt were the most creative in the business.To prevent the nominations from being self-serving, we asked each agency to also nominate two executives from competing agencies—the people they'd hire, given a free hand.

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Wordplay – The Language of Advertising

05 5th, 2012 Author: Publisher

All the tricks of the copywriter’s trade in one convenient infographic.


Innovation Excellence–Southwest Airlines Social Media Strategy

04 28th, 2012 Author: Publisher

Social Media Takes People, but Not as Many as You Think

Southwest Airlines is huge online:

* 12 million monthly visits to its website

* 1 million Twitter followers

* 1.3 million Facebook likers

* 29,000 reviewers on its Travel Guide

So how many people does it take to handle that volume of activity?

Try five . . .


Introduction to Business on Pinterest

04 14th, 2012 Author: Publisher

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the interesting, useful, and beautiful things you find on the web.


Pinterest, the new social-media darling, took note of this behavior and created an easy-to-use site where people can share their interests in the form of pictures.
The site is beautifully designed and truly engaging. It is resonating with users and experiencing explosive growth. ComScore reports that Pinterest hit 10 million unique U.S. visitors faster than any site in history. . .
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