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Best Buy Says It Has Killed “Showrooming” for Good

04 10th, 2013 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

“There is no doubt that this new policy ends showrooming for Best Buy customers. . ."

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It’s Do or Die for Four Retailers

02 19th, 2013 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

While 2013 will be a tough year for retailers due to the tepid economic recovery, a few in particular face a critical 12 months. Their experiences highlight the challenges facing store chains, from increasingly cautious consumers to fierce online competition.

The four are Best Buy, J.C. Penney, Radio Shack, and Sears.

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As the world's largest online retailer, it's no surprise that its biggest fulfillment center in Phoenix, Arizona, is the size of 28 football fields.That's because it's their goal to have everything anyone wants at any time.

Amazon has 80 fulfillment centers in the world to handle all of its orders. . .

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See What the Store of the Future Will Look Like

01 28th, 2013 Author: Scoop.it Publisher
Retail stores will look very different in a few years.

In the age of mobile technology, shoppers are changing more than ever, and retailers are rushing to catch up with their customers' ever-evolving demands.

King Retail Solutions designs modern retail stores. The company shared anecdotes and images about what the store of the future will look like.

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JCPenney CEO and former Apple retail guru Ron Johnson is spoke at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conferencein Aspen, and he revealed a bit of what his strategy is for store checkout.

He wants to eliminate the employees who stand at cash registers and get rid of traditional checkout by the end of 2013. Here's how . . .

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The Weight of Walmart

04 30th, 2012 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

Check out our graphic demonstrating the Weight of Walmart . . .

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