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Here’s Your Year-Long Plan for Financial Stability

01 25th, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

"Financial stability can put you on the right path. But where do you start? Lauren Lyons Cole, a certified financial planner and senior editor at Business Insider, lays out a year-long guide to gaining your financial freedom."

The Easy Steps to Take to Get Out of Debt

01 9th, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

"Getting out of debt can feel overwhelming. The first step is to organize yourself so that you can plan out exactly how to get yourself to financial stability. Lauren Lyons Cole [photo, left], a certified financial planner and senior editor at Business Insider, explains the first steps you should take to attack your debt. Following is a transcript of the video."

13 Money Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself by Age 40

03 2nd, 2017 Author: Publisher

By the time you hit 40, rationalizing away your bad money management starts to have a serious impact on your financial future.

See the full article here:

Warren Buffett’s 23 Most Brilliant Insights About Investing

01 21st, 2015 Author: Publisher

Compiled from Buffett's interviews, op-eds, and of course his annual letters.


Warren Buffett’s 4-Word Secret to Business Success

04 28th, 2012 Author: Publisher

From Warren Buffett's annual shareholder letter, here's a gem:

“Buy commodities, sell brands” has long been a formula for business success. It has produced enormous and sustained profits for Coca-Cola since 1886 and Wrigley since 1891. On a smaller scale, we have enjoyed good fortune with this approach at See’s Candy since we purchased it 40 years ago.

It's that simple. Buy a cheap good, create a brand around it, sell it for more. Voila!



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