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How Apple Creates Such Amazing Products

05 6th, 2013 Author: Publisher

Eric Barker (photo, left) writes, "Apple calls it concurrent or parallel production. All the groups— design, manufacturing, engineering, sales— meet continuously through the product-development cycle, brainstorming, trading ideas and solutions, strategizing over the most pressing issues, and generally keeping the conversation open to a diverse group of perspectives… it avoids this chronic problem of good ideas being hollowed out as they progress through the development chain."

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Author bio – Eric Barker blogs at Barking Up the Wrong Tree


How Companies Got People to Become Obsessed with Their Brands

05 6th, 2013 Author: Publisher

Advertising veteran and marketing expert Susan Fournier (photo, left) reflects on her seminal study on brand relationship theory and asserts that it's not just a metaphor.

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How Do Colors Affect Purchases?

05 6th, 2013 Author: Publisher

. . . To learn more about color psychology and how it influences purchases, see this infographic.

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The brands that succeed will be the ones that are the most adaptable to whatever nature throws our way. The Consumer Futures 2020 report, developed by the U.K.'s Forum For The Future, takes a stab at imagining what consumer culture will look like nearly a decade down the line. There are four potential paths we might take: . . .

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After Justice Holdings acquired Burger King this month, it announced a major rebranding and image change, updating its menus and adding to its management ranks.

The chain has struggled with a decline in sales since 2008. It lost its No. 2 spot to Wendy's in March.

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Six Pricing Tricks Businesses Use to Outfox Customers

10 15th, 2012 Author: Publisher

The first of April is the time of year when, for a brief moment, everyone pays attention to the fools among us.

But as it turns out, some businesses do that year-round, because your foolish purchasing behavior translates directly into their profit.

I’m referring to the way products are priced. Usually, the price on the sticker is the price you pay.

But when it isn’t – well, that’s when some companies earn big bucks from our collective ignorance.

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How Whole Foods Became the Luxury Brand for Millennials

04 28th, 2012 Author: Publisher

Years ago, no one would have predicted a grocery chain would be the modern symbol of luxury.

But that's precisely what Whole Foods has become for millennials, as it's slowly replaced the designer labels and brand name stores favored by boomers, writes Michael Pavone, food and beverage marketing firm CEO, on Fast Co.Exist. . .


Amazon Blows Walmart Out of the Water on Value: Survey

04 14th, 2012 Author: Publisher

Low-income Internet shoppers vastly prefer the world's largest online retailer to the world's largest bricks-and-mortar chain, finds new research by BrandIndex.

Perceived as offering a better bang for their buck, adults 18+ earning $50,000 or less per year said they prefer Amazon's online convenience to Walmart's in-store experience, with its potential for free shipping and no sales tax. . .


Choice Makes People Spend More on High-End Products

02 26th, 2012 Author: Publisher

. . . Consumers who are offered a richer array of relevant choices in a given product category grow engaged and interested in quality and are prepared to stretch their budget accordingly . . .


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