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"This [past] fall, Nordstrom opened a new store in West Hollywood, Calif., called Nordstrom Local, that didn’t actually stock clothes you can buy. Instead, you can get manicures, try on clothes, talk to stylists and consultants about fashion, and meet with friends over coffee or perhaps a glass of Pinot Grigio (yes, there’s a bar). If you want to buy something, it’ll be available for same-day pickup or delivery."

"As bizarre as the concept might seem, it’s likely a glimpse into the way many stores will soon function. . . ."

The 15 Worst Companies for Customer Service

03 6th, 2017 Author: Publisher

We're sorry if you have to deal with them.

Some of the industries that Americans depend on most are plagued by bad customer service.

Utilities, airlines, and cable companies are among the worst lead, according to the latest results from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.



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Best Countries to Do Business in 2012

09 8th, 2012 Author: Court Bovee

Here is an infographic covering which are the best countries to do business in 2012.


The Scale of Starbucks

03 14th, 2012 Author: Publisher

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