"We asked entrepreneurs, including a few "Shark Tank" investors and the cofounders of popular retailer Warby Parker, to share the most important lesson they learned in their 20s."


"Here's what they said."

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"Lots of entrepreneurs struggle with pricing. How much to charge? It's clear that the right price can make all the difference – too low and you miss out on profit; too high and you miss out on sales."


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Author bio – Peep Laja (photo, left) is the founder of ConversionXL, a company that offers conversion optimization.

"Science suggests there's one personality type that's more likely to ditch the corporate structure and work for themselves."

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The longer a store allows you to return something after purchasing, the less likely you are to ever actually return it.

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Author bio – Melissa Dahl (photo, left) writes for NYMag.com.

As competitors like Costco, Aldi, Trader Joe's, and Family Dollar crowd the space, the idea of visiting a Walmart is less compelling to price-conscious consumers.


Author bio – Ashley Lutz (photo, left) is "Business Insider's retail editor. She previously covered specialty apparel and consumer companies for Bloomberg News. You can find her on Twitter at @AshleyLutz."

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"Consumers just don't want to pay full price for anything anymore."

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". . . we tapped financial planners across the country to share some of the most head-scratching one-liners they've heard clients say about their nest egg plans."


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Here are nine money-management mistakes you might make in your 20s that could come back to haunt you.


Author bio – Kathleen Elkins is a graduate of Williams College. She covers personal finance for Business Insider

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Find the best places to work in America.

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