Emily Disston (photo, left) fields a question on the topic at TheMuse.com.

"With the right mix of speed, timing and guts, smart founders can profit hugely from their much, much, much larger rivals' misfortune."

"Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos started 2018 as the world's richest man—and his net worth has positively skyrocketed so far this year."

"Rebecca Greenfield covers the workplace for Bloomberg. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal [photo, left] spoke with Greenfield about her recent piece on office sensors and why privacy at work is so elusive. Below is an edited transcript of their conversation."

". . . Here are 11 encouraging signs that the future — of business, anyway — really is female."

"Best Buy, Home Depot, Victoria's Secret, and a host of other retailers are discreetly tracking how often shoppers return purchases and, in some cases, punishing people who are suspected of abusing their return policies."

"Amazon has knocked Google off the top spot as the best place to work in the world, according to LinkedIn."

"The pitfalls of leadership spring from within," warns Dan Rockwell (photo, left) in a post at his blog.

"Dangers that emerge from within are more perilous than dangers that attack from without."

According to Julia Stiglitz (photo, left), "Members of this age group, who typically change jobs at least four times in their first decade out of college, need and want work-based training and development. But employers often question the return on the investment because of this high turnover. So how do you develop a valuable system for both you and your employees?"

"The answer requires a different outlook on both millennials and learning. Here are a few tips to maximize both their and our company’s success."

The Puzzle of Motivation

March 22, 2018

"Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories — and maybe, a way forward."

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