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Four Things You Can Learn from Segway’s Notorious Product Fail

09 17th, 2017 Author: Publisher

About 10 years ago, inventor Dean Kamen, in a much-anticipated introduction, brought his Segway to the public. Revered by the media and business-world celebrities as a total game-changer in urban planning, transportation, and daily life, the public ended up a bit crestfallen at what they actually saw. It looks like a glorified scooter, and even today, it's a rare sight to see anyone other than a mall security officer or tourist group plodding along on one.
So what went wrong? . . .

Top 10 Marketing Trends You Need to Know

03 2nd, 2017 Author: Publisher

Natalie Angulo-Rio (photo, left) gives the top ten over at

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Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, but Can Learn From

08 20th, 2016 Author: Publisher

"Lots of entrepreneurs struggle with pricing. How much to charge? It's clear that the right price can make all the difference – too low and you miss out on profit; too high and you miss out on sales."


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Author bio – Peep Laja (photo, left) is the founder of ConversionXL, a company that offers conversion optimization.

"Consumers just don't want to pay full price for anything anymore."

Photo courtesy of imagerymajestic –

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11 Major Rebranding Disasters and What You Can Learn from Them

09 11th, 2015 Author: Publisher

"Every organization is defined by a few things: its name, logo, and brand identity."

"We've collected the 11 worst rebranding disasters in recent memory. If there's one lesson, it's that a rebranding isn't to be taken lightly. It requires overhauling a company's goals, message, and culture — not just the logo." . . .

"Alexander Graham Bell wanted to sell his patents and technology for the telephone to Western Union, which was the leading telegraph company at the time. Bell’s price: $100,000. Western Union thought it was laughable.

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz has a big post on why people should be optimistic about technology companies

 In it, he talks about how some of the most fundamental products in our lives today were laughed at by outsiders when they were first introduced. 

He also talks about how big companies try to kill innovation."

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How Apple Creates Such Amazing Products

05 6th, 2013 Author: Publisher

Eric Barker (photo, left) writes, "Apple calls it concurrent or parallel production. All the groups— design, manufacturing, engineering, sales— meet continuously through the product-development cycle, brainstorming, trading ideas and solutions, strategizing over the most pressing issues, and generally keeping the conversation open to a diverse group of perspectives… it avoids this chronic problem of good ideas being hollowed out as they progress through the development chain."

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Author bio – Eric Barker blogs at Barking Up the Wrong Tree


How Companies Got People to Become Obsessed with Their Brands

05 6th, 2013 Author: Publisher

Advertising veteran and marketing expert Susan Fournier (photo, left) reflects on her seminal study on brand relationship theory and asserts that it's not just a metaphor.

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How Do Colors Affect Purchases?

05 6th, 2013 Author: Publisher

. . . To learn more about color psychology and how it influences purchases, see this infographic.

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The brands that succeed will be the ones that are the most adaptable to whatever nature throws our way. The Consumer Futures 2020 report, developed by the U.K.'s Forum For The Future, takes a stab at imagining what consumer culture will look like nearly a decade down the line. There are four potential paths we might take: . . .

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