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What Insights Lie at the Intersection of Neuroscience and Marketing

"Research into the interplay between the discipline of neuroscience — which studies the brain and the nervous system — and marketing could help to explain how people make decisions, how they react to stimuli and what triggers might amplify or diminish the impulses that drive social interactions or even innovation in a business setting."  

We Asked 3,000 Fast-Food Fans What Chains They Refuse to Eat At. Here Are the 15 Most-Hated Brands in the Industry

Fast food can be a polarizing topic. These fast-food aficionados have no love for certain chain restaurants.   Fast food can be a polarizing topic. When we aske ..   Read more at: Fast food can be a polarizing topic. When we aske ..   Read more at: Fast food can be a polarizing topic. […]

The 8 Fast-Food Chains with the Cleanest Restaurants in America, According to Customers

No one wants to visit a fast-food chain with a grubby dining room and unknown germs lurking in the kitchen.  People across America are skeptical of many fast-food chains' abilities to meet basic standards of cleanliness. So, we asked more than 3,000 people who read our fast-food coverage which chains they believe have the cleanest […]

Does Your Introduction to Business Text Reflect the Latest Marketing Practices?

For more information, visit https://introtobusiness.businesscommu… Has your introduction to business textbook kept up with all of the changes in the field of marketing? You'll find coverge of customer experience touchpoints, voice of the customer programs, social customer care, innovative pricing methods, and other vital new concepts in Business in Action, 9th Edition.