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"To reach that state of loyalty where people trust you at your every word requires the daily act of exposing your values, beliefs, convictions, and morals to others in close quarters. When your actions are observed, and you know you can trust your own actions out in the open, your reputation is upheld. People never question your decisions or challenge you on an issue that opposes your character; they know where you stand."

Why I Invite All 900 of My Employees to Board Meetings

04 17th, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

"Open board meetings may seem extreme, but they are part of a strict code of transparency that I believe factors heavily into our innovation and rapid growth."

"This kind of honesty can be scary at times, but when the company is honest about both successes and setbacks, it creates a context and a narrative that employees can understand and become invested in. Not only are we empowering employees with information, we’re giving them an opportunity to help solve challenges that are outside of their day-to-day roles."

Author bio – "Bipul Sinha is co-founder and CEO of Rubrik. Previously, he was a partner at Lightspeed, where he invited in Nutanix (founding investor and board member), PernixData and Numerify​."

Here's a quick read on the topic by the nice people at Farnam Street.

The Puzzle of Motivation

03 22nd, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

"Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories — and maybe, a way forward."

"What happens after companies jettison traditional year-end evaluations?"

Why Isn’t Holacracy Working at Zappos

01 25th, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

"'We want to believe that we are thinking, rational people and on occasion tangle with emotion, flick it out of the way, and go back to thinking,” renowned vulnerability expert Brene Brown told a packed house at the Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas just before Labor Day Weekend. “That is not the truth. The truth is we are emotional beings who on occasion think.'"

". . . If “fast-paced environment” appears anywhere in your job descriptions or on the careers section of your website, you need to think a lot harder about what you want to say to future employees. Here’s why–and what to put in its place."

Barbara Corcoran on What It Takes to Get More Done Every Day

11 4th, 2017 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

"The 'Shark Tank' star shares her wisdom on the importance of working smart and protecting your time when you're trying to build a business."

11 Companies with the Least Productive Employees

01 28th, 2013 Author: Scoop.it Publisher
Worker productivity is among the most critical measurements used when evaluating businesses and national economies.
One way to measure productivity is sales per employee. Companies that can achieve the highest revenue with fewest employees ordinarily find it easier to also create high profit margins.


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