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Teaching Introduction to Business: Facing the Challenges of Disruption in Business Today

For more information, visit https://introtobusiness.businesscommu…. Disruption is the new normal for business today, from new business models to technologies that upend entire industries to new social expectations and demands. See how Business in Action can help your students get ready for this dynamic workplace.

Thriving in the Digital Enterprise: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

As one of the most powerful technologies ever developed, artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing human life in multiple ways and promises to do so even more in the future. Although many of these developments are positive, AI shares the two-sided nature of every major technology: The power that enables it to be a positive […]

Introducing Disruptive Innovation to Your Students

To a large extent, business strategy revolves around change—whether creating change, capitalizing on change, or surviving change. The basic concept of business is fixed: It’s always going to be a question of adding value to satisfy customers in a way that generates a sustainable level of profit. However, the way that companies go about adding […]

Preparing Students to Thrive in the Digital Enterprise

The business world is experiencing a wave of digital disruptions that are reshaping what it’s like to launch, lead, and work for companies. Consider this stunning change: In a 2015 survey, fewer than 1 percent of executives believed digital technology would disrupt their industries. Only two years later, more than 75% said digital would have […]