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Pricing Lessons from Working with 30+ Seed and Series A B2B Startups

"Though he’s nearly seen it all, Tyler Gaffney [photo, left] still gets surprised when early-stage B2B startups tell him how they’ve determined their pricing. The common thread? Many tend to make pricing decisions largely in a vacuum and dangerously removed from a broader go-to-market strategy. This is a natural approach, because early-stage companies often lack […]

Four Things You Can Learn from Segway’s Notorious Product Fail

About 10 years ago, inventor Dean Kamen, in a much-anticipated introduction, brought his Segway to the public. Revered by the media and business-world celebrities as a total game-changer in urban planning, transportation, and daily life, the public ended up a bit crestfallen at what they actually saw. It looks like a glorified scooter, and even […]

The Fascinating Reason People Thought The Telephone Would Be A Total Flop

"Alexander Graham Bell wanted to sell his patents and technology for the telephone to Western Union, which was the leading telegraph company at the time. Bell’s price: $100,000. Western Union thought it was laughable. Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz has a big post on why people should be optimistic about technology companies.   In it, he talks […]