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The 50 Best Employers in America

02 14th, 2016 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

Find the best places to work in America.

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10 Companies with Unusual but Incredible Perks

04 8th, 2015 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

"Thankfully, there are a handful of companies that have strayed from office culture norms and boast unusual but seriously awesome perks. Forget about coffee machines and yoga classes, and think along the lines of massages, free Fitbits, and even a company boat."

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The 50 Best Employers in America

04 21st, 2014 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

"When faced with the decision of choosing between a job you love and a job that pays well, remember this: You can have your cake and eat it too.

"The second annual list of the best employers in America by PayScale and Business Insider evaluates companies by both pay and happiness." . . .

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"When now co-CEO Monty Moran was surveying Chipotle's 1,500 restaurants, he found a fascinating consistency: the best-performing ones all had a manager who had come up from the crew level. " . . .

The Boston Consulting Group put out its third annual global report on people management. They surveyed more than 4000 executives from more than 100 countries on 22 of the most important factors in developing a great workforce.

The three most important trends were . . .

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There are some inevitable costs of running a business. Every workplace is going to have factors driving down productivity. Employees aren't going to be glued to their work for every minute of their shift, and inefficiencies are bound to occur when people take days off.

But just how much do sick days and medical leaves cost U.S. businesses? And what about the lesser known office issues that drive up the cost of running a business, such as workplace bullying litigation and injuries from domestic abuse?

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The 25 Best Companies to Work for in 2012

09 8th, 2012 Author: Court Bovee

Vivian Giang writes, "There's a lot of hype out there about the best tech places to work for — Google, Apple and Facebookare well-known dream work places.

But what about the lesser-known companies with smart, driven colleagues, sweet perks and endless room for growth and mentorship?

To find out, we turned to Glassdoor.com for a list of the 25 best companies to work for right now."

Women in Business

04 30th, 2012 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

Apple Staff Raking in the Cash: $419,528 Profit per Employee

03 14th, 2012 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

Apple earned a profit of $419,528 per employee in the past 12 months. . .
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