Teaching Introduction to Business: A Faster, More Efficient Way to Prepare Students for Today’s Workplace

If you have the responsibility of preparing students for the challenges they'll face in tomorrow's tough and uncertain business environment, turn to the most efficient introduction to business textbook on the market—Business in Action.

Business in Action offers instructors and students a much-needed alternative to texts that are either overstuffed and overwhelming or so skimpy that they compromise essential coverage. With the comprehensive 20-chapter coverage that is up to 20 percent shorter than other texts, Business in Action sets the standard in high-productivity learning.

Throughout Business in Action, there is no filler and no fluff, and the examples were chosen carefully to illustrate important points without overloading the text. We invite you to do side-by-side comparisons with any other business text to see which one will make the best use of your students' time and energy for studying.

Each chapter is divided into six concise segments, each with its own Learning Objective. Each segment focuses on the most essential concepts and terminology to help students achieve that particular objective before moving on. The consistent structure simplifies course planning and class time allocation for instructors, and it helps students organize their reading, review, and test preparation.

Each chapter segment concludes with a comprehensive Checkpoint that helps students review and reinforce what they've learned in manageable doses, rather than reviewing an entire chapter at once. With this approach, each learning objective is addressed as a mini-chapter within the chapter, which helps students absorb new concepts in small, carefully metered segments and get confirmation before moving on to the next segment.

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