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The Best Leaders Have These Six Traits

According to Helen Rothberg (photo, left), "Over the past 25 years, I've coached a mix of executives in for profit and not-for-profit companies like Kellogg's, Monsanto, SoCalGas, Newark City Government, The United Way, IBM, and AT&T. I've been in board rooms with people fretting about decreases in market share, swirling about regulatory agencies, and agonizing […]

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Just Explained a Key Business Lesson That Could Have Saved United from Its PR Fiasco

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos released his annual letter to shareholders on Wednesday. It's a must-read missive filled with pearls of management philosophy and leadership lessons from the guy who created a $430 billion juggernaut." Read more . . . Also see: Here Are Some Lessons Businesses Can Learn from the United Airlines Fiasco Introduction to […]

“Undercover Boss” CEOs Say What Really Changed After the Show

"It's not every day you'll see CEOs getting their hands dirty, working side by side with the rank-an-file. But for four years, the CBS show "Undercover Boss" has given viewers that chance, showing 60 top executives doing regular jobs, from flipping hamburgers to installing alarm systems. The show, however, has attracted its fair share of […]

Southwest’s Founder Explains Why There’s No Secret Behind Its Great Culture

Southwest is one of the most admired companies in the country, respected in an industry that's better known for delayed flights and bad customer servicethan a great corporate culture. Not to mention the fact that it's remained profitable in a sector that rarely is. One of the reasons for that is its founder, Herb Kelleher, […]