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"In the last five years “Lean Startup” methodologies have enabled entrepreneurs to efficiently build a startup by searching for product/market fit rather than blindly trying to execute. Companies pursuing innovation can Buy, Build, Partner or use Open Innovation. But trying to find a unified theory of innovation that allows established companies to innovate internally with the speed and urgency of startups has eluded our grasp."

Why a Leader Steps Down

04 19th, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

According to John Baldoni (photo, left), "A leader’s legacy is a sum of pluses and minuses. Ideally, you want the pluses to outweigh the minuses so a leader retires from an organization that is thriving."

"But when you know you have done your best, there is nothing more to say. Or, as used to be said upon the death of a king, 'The king is dead, long live the king.'"

"Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos started 2018 as the world's richest man—and his net worth has positively skyrocketed so far this year."

The Six Pitfalls of Leadership

03 27th, 2018 Author: Jan Shawkey

"The pitfalls of leadership spring from within," warns Dan Rockwell (photo, left) in a post at his blog.

"Dangers that emerge from within are more perilous than dangers that attack from without."

"After nearly 15 years in banking, I have witnessed firsthand how banks operate and make money. That has influenced how I choose products and interact with financial institutions."

"Here is my advice on how you can get the most from your bank."

The 15 Worst Companies for Customer Service

03 6th, 2017 Author: Scoop.it Publisher

We're sorry if you have to deal with them.

Some of the industries that Americans depend on most are plagued by bad customer service.

Utilities, airlines, and cable companies are among the worst lead, according to the latest results from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.



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