Teaching Introduction to Business: Facing the Challenges of Disruption in Business Today

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Disruption is the new normal for business today, from new business models to technologies that upend entire industries to new social expectations and demands.

See how Business in Action can help your students get ready for this dynamic workplace.

5 Myths about Strategy

"There are lies, there are big lies, and then there are myths.  And myths are the worst of the three."

"Myths present a different, subtler trap, which is what makes even smart people fall for them.  They are usually based on a plausible half-truth, and they do not immediately lead you astray if you start to act on them.  It’s only with the passage of time that you realize that you’ve made a mistake, but by then your wrong choices can’t be unmade and the damage is done.

"We encounter myths in most realms of human endeavour, and the discipline of strategic thinking is no exception.   Here are five of the most pernicious ones I’ve encountered in a long career studying strategy and advising companies about it: . . ."

Does Your Introduction to Business Text Reflect the Latest Marketing Practices?

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Has your introduction to business textbook kept up with all of the changes in the field of marketing? You'll find coverge of customer experience touchpoints, voice of the customer programs, social customer care, innovative pricing methods, and other vital new concepts in Business in Action, 9th Edition.

What Is a Business Model, and How Do You Pick the Right One for You?

"A business model is an outline of how a company plans to make money with its product and customer base in a specific market. At its core, it explains what product or service a company will sell, how it intends to market that product or service, what kind of expenses it will face, and how it expects to turn a profit," writes Meridith Wood in an article at Fundera.com.

"Because there are so many types of businesses out there, business models are constantly changing; there is no one-size-fits-all model that can be applied to every business. For this reason, it’s imperative to understand how your business makes money — and enough of it to remain profitable after costs are factored into the equation.

"To learn more about the different types of business models and how you can apply them to your own business, jump down to our infographic, or keep reading to learn more about the components of a business model."

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Teaching Your Introduction to Business Students about Innovations in Workforce Management

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From the gig economy to workforce analytics to artificial intelligence in the hiring process, human resource management is undergoing some radical changes. Make sure your course stays on top of these developments with Business in Action, 9th Edition, by Bovee and Thill (Pearson).