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"It has never been more challenging for a brick-and-mortar retail merchant to succeed in an enduring way," Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said.

'We are witness to a seismic change in consumer behavior,' said Schultz. And that seismic change is linked to technology."

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"Alexander Graham Bell wanted to sell his patents and technology for the telephone to Western Union, which was the leading telegraph company at the time. Bell’s price: $100,000. Western Union thought it was laughable.

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz has a big post on why people should be optimistic about technology companies

 In it, he talks about how some of the most fundamental products in our lives today were laughed at by outsiders when they were first introduced. 

He also talks about how big companies try to kill innovation."

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"The Airbus A380 is one of the most incredible planes flying today, even judged by size alone.

It usually seats around 500 passengers, but can hold as many as 853 — making it the largest passenger aircraft on the planet."

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"It's not every day you'll see CEOs getting their hands dirty, working side by side with the rank-an-file.

But for four years, the CBS show "Undercover Boss" has given viewers that chance, showing 60 top executives doing regular jobs, from flipping hamburgers to installing alarm systems.

The show, however, has attracted its fair share of skepticism: . . ."

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"Ray Dalio manages the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates.

It has a tremendous track record, so when the man talks about markets, people usually listen.

"Beyond that, Dalio is known for having one of the most refined understandings of the economy in the financial industry."

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Successful small business owners share the most important lesson they wish they'd known when they started.


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This is a channel for instructors of Introduction to Business. You'll find a variety of useful videos that will help make your teaching easier and more effective.

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Tom Kinnear (photo, left) has been involved as an investor, board member, or founder in starting 11 companies — five of them with a combined exit value around $700 million.

We caught up with Kinnear to discuss what entrepreneurs should do to land big money from big investors. Here's his advice: . . .

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Eric Barker (photo, left) writes, "Apple calls it concurrent or parallel production. All the groups— design, manufacturing, engineering, sales— meet continuously through the product-development cycle, brainstorming, trading ideas and solutions, strategizing over the most pressing issues, and generally keeping the conversation open to a diverse group of perspectives… it avoids this chronic problem of good ideas being hollowed out as they progress through the development chain."

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Author bio – Eric Barker blogs at Barking Up the Wrong Tree


Advertising veteran and marketing expert Susan Fournier (photo, left) reflects on her seminal study on brand relationship theory and asserts that it's not just a metaphor.

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