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Teaching Introduction to Business: Facing the Challenges of Disruption in Business Today

For more information, visit https://introtobusiness.businesscommu…. Disruption is the new normal for business today, from new business models to technologies that upend entire industries to new social expectations and demands. See how Business in Action can help your students get ready for this dynamic workplace.

Does Your Introduction to Business Text Reflect the Latest Marketing Practices?

For more information, visit https://introtobusiness.businesscommu… Has your introduction to business textbook kept up with all of the changes in the field of marketing? You'll find coverge of customer experience touchpoints, voice of the customer programs, social customer care, innovative pricing methods, and other vital new concepts in Business in Action, 9th Edition.

Teaching Your Introduction to Business Students about Innovations in Workforce Management

Learn more by visiting https://introtobusiness.businesscommu…. From the gig economy to workforce analytics to artificial intelligence in the hiring process, human resource management is undergoing some radical changes. Make sure your course stays on top of these developments with Business in Action, 9th Edition, by Bovee and Thill (Pearson).