Introduction to Business: Keeping Students on the Leading Edge with Up-to-the-Minute Coverage

Business in Action stays on top of the important trends in business to make sure that you and your students have the latest insights and information.

From the dramatic impact of social media to the emergence of unstructured organizations, Business in Action prepares students for the realities of today's business.


Introduction to Business: Exhibits That Teach–A Unique and Powerful Learning Tool

Today's visually oriented, media-savvy students are sometimes reluctant to read traditional books with lengthy passages of text.

In response, textbook designers have tried a variety of ways to appeal to this new generation of readers, including trying to entertain students with decorative photos, cartoons, or fractured page designs that disrupt the flow of reading and thereby force students to spend even more time reading.

Business in Action takes a distinctly different approach, with Exhibits That Teach—unique diagrams, infographics, and quick-reference tables that explain and summarize vital concepts visually.

With more than 150 of these exhibits, including more than 60 that are all new in the sixth edition, Business in Action emphasizes productive learning—on helping students minimize the time they spend reading while maximizing the learning outcome.


Introduction to Business: How Storytelling Helps Students Grasp Essential Concepts

With so much ground to cover, the introduction to business course can start to feel like a torrent of disconnected concepts, terms, and topics.

Compelling real-life stories are a great way to integrate important ideas and help students see how professional role models apply the very same concepts they're learning.

Every chapter in Business in Action opens with a brief behind-the-scenes vignette that introduces an entrepreneur or executive faced with a major strategic challenge and encourages students to imagine how they would address that challenge.

The chapter-opening case study then describes the strategic choices the company leaders made, including how they applied the concepts the students just learned in the chapter.

Storytelling is used this way throughout the book to promote learning and enhance retention of important information.


Introduction to Business: The Most Important Lesson in Recent History

The banking crisis and the collapse of the housing market remain vital issues because they are still affecting the lives of students and their families, and many of the risks that factored in the meltdown are still in the system.

In addition, this multifaceted story is perhaps the single most instructive lesson that anyone can teach or learn about contemporary business because it touches on so many aspects of business management.

As tomorrow' business leaders, today's students will face the challenge of preventing similar disasters in the future.

Understanding the reasons behind the housing bubble and the subsequent collapse will help them appreciate the complex dynamics of contemporary financial markets and the vital need for informed, ethical business management.