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Google Tells Some Advertisers It Will Handle Campaign Strategies

"Google announced, in an email from Google Ads sent to some advertisers on Thursday, that it will handle 'campaigns, so you can focus on your business.'”  "Automation is increasingly an area of focus for Google, slowly taking the responsibility from the advertiser and agency.  "In this case, the initiative is part automation and part human […]

You Don’t Need to Be on Every Social Media Platform

"Getting on to every single social media platform (and there are a lot these days!) can distract and disengage your followers," writes Kara Perez (photo, left). "Social media is free marketing, but only if done well. If you’re creating bad content, or irrelevant content just to have something for a specific platform, you’ll isolate readers."

The Hot College Gig: Online Brand Promoter

"Paying college students to push products is nothing new for companies. The exuberant undergraduate wearing a Nike cap and giving out samples is as common on American campuses as football fans tailgating at homecoming," writes Claire Ballentine (photo, left) in an article at "But now, like so much in the advertising world, the big action is […]

Your Brand Is Killing Your Business. Here’s What to Do about It

"If good brands don't communicate exactly what the company does up front, they quickly make themselves synonymous with those products or services. Geico, for example, immediately triggers the thought of "insurance." The brand is so strong, they've even tied a gecko to the notion of insurance." "Weak brands, on the other hand, are forgettable and […]