18 Retail Startups That Are Using Psychology, Sustainability, and the Internet Age to Reinvent How They Package Their Products

The best packaging gives you a crash course about the brand, makes it easy and intuitive to use the product within, and does more good than harm for the environment. We found 18 retail startups making not only memorable products, but also memorable packaging.


5 Ways to Check If Your Boss Is Incompetent, According to an Expert in Psychological Profiling

  • Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is a psychologist who uses science and tech to help organizations predict human performance.He says that many people these days seem disenchanted with the idea of traditional employment, mostly because it may require putting up with a bad boss.You can tell if you have a bad boss by asking yourself five simple questions,


Teaching Introduction to Business: Facing the Challenges of Disruption in Business Today

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Disruption is the new normal for business today, from new business models to technologies that upend entire industries to new social expectations and demands.

See how Business in Action can help your students get ready for this dynamic workplace.

Warren Buffett Says One Life Decision Separates Successful People from the Rest, and Here’s Why

Mr. Warren Buffett

We all know that Warren Buffett is a quote machine for his simple and yet profound wisdom.

Naturally, much of it has to do with investment, but as he approaches 90, Buffett is uniquely qualified to impart life advice that could change the course of careers and businesses.

Buffett has no shortage of advice about the importance of finding integrity in leaders. He's been telling us for a while that, of all the decisions we make in life, one of the most important ones is to invest in relationships with honest and ethical people.